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Here are some "How To's" to help you and your horse/rabbit have the most harmonious journey whilst at Lagoballo.


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Incident Response & Maintenance

1. Incident Report Form

  • ​If you have an accident whilst at Lagoballo, you must complete this form

2. Maintenance Advisory

  • ​If you find something on the property that needs attention, please complete this form


1. How Do You Sign-up For Horse Agistment Using the Website

  • This will be available once we are operational. Please be patient in this space! In the mean time, join our VIP Agistment Waitlist.

  • Are you interested in agisting your horse(s) at Lagoballo? Then take a look at this guide on how to set yourself up as an agistee!

  • Once you are a part of the fam bam, all other information is in the private group - looking forward to chatting with you soon!

  • Make sure you fill out a Transported Stock Statement prior to moving (see Horse section below)


1. How Online Clinic Events Work - For Participants/Spectators

  • Are you interested in attending an event/clinic? Use this guide to help sign up and book your spot in an event/clinic you'd like to attend

2. How Online Clinic Events Work - For Clinic Organisers

  • Are you a event/clinic organiser? Use this guide to help get your facility hire and ticketed system made available and bookable on the Lagoballo website

  • We can help with...

    • Hosting your event/clinic at our Lagoballo property (or another space)

    • Catering for coaches, participants and spectators

    • Offer your participants modular overnight/day yards for their horse(s)

    • Communication systems:

      • Speaker/microphone system hire, so your spectators can hear

      • Ceecoach hire, where the coach can privately converse with the rider/participant (can be used at the same time as the speaker system for full coverage)

      • You can book both (yes, coaches can wear these devices at the same time) so everyone can communicate easily!

    • Online forms (i.e. waivers)

    • Digital booking system

3. Pivo Lesson User Guide (For Both Rider & Coach)


​1. Caring for Your Horse

2. Scoring Your Horse's Condition (NSW Guide)

3. Transporting Your Horse (NSW Local Land Services Guide)

  • When to fill out a TSS (click link above)?

  • TSS form is here

  • Our Property Identification Code (PIC) is: TBA


​1. Preparing For Bringing Home Your Rabbit (Under Development)

  • Are you thinking about getting a rabbit (or two) to join your family? Then take a read of what you need to prepare for.

2. Maintenance for Your Rabbit (Under Development)

  • Once you have a rabbit (or two), it is good to familiarise yourself with how to look after your fluffs. Take a read of this guide.

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