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At Lagoballo, we love our mini lop fluffle (the name for a group of bunnies) family - bucks (boys), does (girls) and babies alike. We wanted to share with you their little bio so you know what their big personalities are like... and why we love them so dearly!

We would love for you to have one or two of our baby fluffs in your family!

Check this page out for a Lagoballo Legacy bunnies... the ones that will always be in our hearts.



Toastie (Breeding Buck)

Birthday: 9 September 2021

Colour: Diluted harlequin - sooty fawn

Coat: Short

About Me:

“Lick lick lick lick lick lick..."

My name is Toastie and I love my Dad. As a 3-week old, my legs were too short to get out of a box for run arounds, so he helped me out. Since then, I just can't get enough and tell him how much I love him by endless lickies. It's so easy being lovely in this world!

I do enjoy watching YouTube with Dad every night and bathies. I also enjoy sleeping and passing out. I might be the littlest, but Dad thinks I am the bestest ever.


Pikelet (Breeding Buck)

Birthday: 12 March 2021

Colour: Broken butterfly

Coat: Short

About Me:

“What's over here, no what's over here, no what's over here! OMG, all the thingz at once!!”


My name is Pikelet, and I am a speed demon... I love zooming around the house and garden, digging and then micro-napping to recharge.


I am a compact chonk with lots of energy - yeah! Like the Energiser Bunny! I get cranky when I've worn myself out from all the activity and Mum and Dad try to put me to bed. Thump-off! I'm too handsome for bed, so please let me stay up late and do all the thingz.


I also love pats, but on my terms - apparently Mum does the best head rubs which I will tolerate for 20 minutes minimum service time.

Pikelet 3.jpg



Mookie (Breeding Buck)

Birthday: 4 September 2022

Colour: Black-grey

Coat: Cashmere (long)

About Me:



My name is Mookie. I like pats. And more pats. And kale stalks! And banana! (And pats).


When I was young, I liked to get in the space behind the fridge – and I even once fell asleep in the Tupperware drawer in the pantry. Mum reckons she was having a heart attack or something, because she couldn’t find me. Human Mum and Dad both reckon my LagoDad was one of the most awesome bunnies they’d seen – Pepper is my hyperactive half-sister – and they reckon I could be a show bunny. Bleh. I could think of nothing worse. I just want pats. (And banana).


I used to live at Auntie Kelly’s place too – I think Dad originally wanted to name me Spookie because I was chilling up the back of the hutch with LagoMum in the shadows…and then when they came to visit, they said I was “Magic” (I don’t know what that Human word means). So Magic + Spookie = Mookie.  


I love Human Mum and Dad. They give heaps of awesome pats. Dad told me not to tell Toastie and Ollie how “handsome” I am (I don’t know what that Human Word means either). So I won’t – it’s not like it’s on the internet or anything. Pats?


Peppercorn (Breeding Doe)

Birthday: October 2023

Colour: Harlequin

Coat: Cashmere (long)

About Me:

“Bitch, pa-lease!!”


My name is Pepper and I love to dig and be outside all the time. I deliver a mean side-eye when I don't get my way as who could say no to this adorable face?


I love living with Ollie as he is a lovely big fluffy doona and shows me how to live my life to its best. But I am the best gardener out there. My digging, ironing and weeding skills are second-to-none. Don't mess up my digs! They are perfect the way they are.




Fudgie (Breeding Doe)

Birthday: 17 February 2021

Colour: Dilute harlequin - beige

Coat: Cashmere (long)

About Me:



My name is Fudgie, I like 1) being the boss, and 2) getting my own way. I also endure pats from Mum and Dad as I couldn’t be bothered being annoyed when they pick me up.


I do like kale though, and tricking Dad into 2nd and 3rd suppers. I’m not hefty, just big boned…eh…I don’t care anyway. I also like nibbling the gate to tell My Ridiculous Parents to let me out into the yard.


When I was 4 weeks old, I was into Project Management at my Aunt Kelly’s place, trying to climb the whiteboard where she was exploring Terms of Reference. I also ate about 16 holes in Dad’s shirt. Plus – I was misgendered! Mum and Dad thought I was a boy - so Smusho and I sure taught them a lesson with a litter of 7 bebes. Toastie and Bumbles were two outcomes of that excellent practical joke.


In your face, Daft Parents. Victory is Fudgie’s, once again…


Ollie (Buck)

Birthday: 10 May 2021

Colour: Black

Coat: Cashmere (long)

About Me:

“Just chilling at the holiday inn”


My name is Ollie and I love to relax. Sleeping and splooting are my favourite past-times. I love to find a sunny spot to spend my days tanning and looking my best.


I also enjoy showing our youngsters how to live their best lives at Lagoballo. I don't tolerate any BS so don't push it, OK?


My coat is so floofy and soft and I get brushed everyday to look this good. That's why I am so handsome and amazing.




Smush (Buck)

Birthday: 12 March 2021

Colour: Blue-beige

Coat: Short

About Me:



My name is Smush but Mum and Dad call me Smusho all the time. You see I have a really flat face that is all smushed up and delightful. I had 7 beautiful fluffs (children) - Toastie, Bumbles, Sharki, Harley, Poppi, Pillow and Burnsie. I get to enjoy living my best life with Bumbles.


I am a mad fan of breakfast, treats, snacks, dinner and more treats. I also love brain crusher pats too. I enjoy napping in the top story of my loft apartment and watch the world go by. I used to be fast but realise life is so much more fun in the chilled lane. I still manage zoomies and binkies but it's hard work being so active. I'll leave that energy to Pikelet (my brother).


Bumbles (Breeding Doe)

Birthday:  9 September 2021

Colour: Diluted harlequin - beige

Coat: Short

About Me:

“I like em chunky”


My name is Bumbles, and my dewlap brings all the boys to the yard. Fudgie is my BunMum and Smush is my BunDad. I am all about the food and head rubs.


I do like to be adventurous and go upstairs and biff my own reflection in the mirror. It's hard being this gorgeous.


I am probably one of the heavier Lagoballo buns and so proud of my efforts. What more could you ask for with a built-in travel pillow? It's the best!

Pepper & Ollie
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