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If you would like to purchase a pair (2) of Lagoballo Mini lop rabbits, select this item.


The Lagoballo team will work with you on your selection - whether this is a doe (not neutered girl), buck (not neutered boy) or two does or two bucks.


They will not be neutered as they will be too young for this major surgery. You will need to make your own arrangements for de-sexing/neutering when they are around 6 months old.


They will be wormed either on the day you pick them up or the day before. A care guide will be provided to help you look after your beautiful bunny and give them the best life they deserve with you.


You will need to bring a small pet carrier with a towel in the bottom of it so they travel comfortably.


A little warning: rabbits can breed and/or start getting territorial at 8 weeks old, so be prepared to separate until they are neutered/de-sexed. Then wait for veterinary surgical care (usually a further 8 weeks) and then start the bonding process.

Lagoballo Mini Lop (Pair)

GST Included
Depending on demand, 3-month lead time for breeding & weaning
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