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The agistment (and fees) include...

  • $20 per horse/day

(payment of membership plans will be your choice of either fortnightly or monthly)

  • 60m x 30m outdoor fenced, irrigated and remote-controlled solar LED flood-lit arena

(jumps and Working Equitation obstacles are available)

  • Allocated paddocks with solar energised electric fencing and shelter

  • Daily checks on your horse

(morning and evening)

  • Auto water troughs to each paddock

(with Trough Rocks to keep clean - these will be replaced every 4 months with a full clean due upon replacement)

  • Regular scheduled weed spraying

(completed during paddock rotations)

  • Paddock resting/rotation

  • Large modular day/overnight yards

(if required for such things as medical handling/pre-outings)

  • Regular scheduled manure collection from your allocated paddock

  • Slashing/mowing of paddocks

  • Allocated feed & tack storage

(with security cameras)

  • Hot and cold wash bay

  • On-site bathroom

  • Float parking

  • Kitchenette

(tea, coffee & water)

  • Private online members area (including groups) for managing your plans, bookings/events, what's on, communication, support and shenanigans

  • Private use of speaker system

(to play music over speakers during the hours of 9am to 7pm)

  • Use of all equestrian facilities

(outside of booked clinics/events)

  • On-going facility improvements

Additional services, at additional costs...

  • Extra feeding

(whether this is hay or hard feed... supplements and/or hay supplied by owner)

  • Rugging

  • Horse exercise

  • Horse grooming

  • Horse "day spa" treatments

(i.e. varying levels of washing/finishing)

  • Additional manure picking of your paddocks

  • Sawdust

  • Horse worming

  • Tack cleaning

  • Farrier services

(and handling of horse if you are unavailable)

  • Hire of speaker (for any events you organise), Ceecoach and Pivo systems

  • Soft drinks/juice in kitchenette fridge

  • If you need to go away, we are here to help look after your fur babies

(have a chat to us and book in the services you'd like)





Please reach out if you have any questions! We look forward to chatting with you soon.

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