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Community Culture

At Lagoballo, we’re all about serenity and harmony. We want to ensure we have a safe, clean and respectful environment for animals and humans alike. So we ask the following of our partners and friends:

  • Please, no other animals on site other than approved horses.

  • Please, no unsupervised children (under the age of 18).

  • Please, leave all areas like you found them (or cleaner!). For example:

  1. Please ensure all taps are turned off after use.

  2. Please clean up any manure in any areas (wheelbarrows will be provided).

  3. Please close the gates behind you (including the arena entries)..

  4. Please ensure all rakes/tools and wheelbarrows are returned to their respective storage spaces.

  5. Please ensure all your rubbish goes in the bins provided.

  6. Please ensure you pack up any jumps that have been used in the arena, after use.

  7. Please turn off any lights you use.

  • Please be kind, considerate and respectful to each other. For example:

  1.   Please ensure you keep your equipment and feed to your allocated spaces.

  2.   Please adhere to the arena rules (e.g. ride left shoulder to left shoulder, and if someone is in there, check if you would like to lunge etc.).

  3. If your horse causes damage to property or other horses, please let us know (accidents happen).

  4. Please respect others' requests for safety.

  5. Please don't use others' property, belongings or horse feed, without their permission.

  6. Please don't feed in the wash bay.

  7. Strictly no smoking anywhere on the property.

  8. Please drive slowly (<20km/hr) and safely on the property.

  9. Only park horse floats in the designated float parking area (unload and load horses here).

  10. Feel free to use the tack up area near the arena, but please be mindful of others using this space too.


  • Please advise of any horse injuries or illnesses.

  • Please info us of any feed deliveries so we can assist with storage/access.

  • If something needs maintenance/repair, please let us know.

  • Keep up-to-date on the online members group area for upcoming events (where overnight/day yards and/or arena may be booked)

  • Please use the online members group for communications

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